Card file of places

In the card file the information about places of Lithuania - towns and small towns, about grand rivers, lakes were stored. Also there is the information about ethnic lands of Lithuania (Minor Lithuania, the Region of Suvalkai and other territories, for example Karaliaučius, Tilžė, Naugardukas, Krėva, Gardinas, Punskas, Seinai, etc. ).

The basement of information array - publications of Lithuanian periodical press and analytic descriptions from books published in Lithuania. The card file started to be created in 1960 year, though the publications of Lithuanian periodical press from the part "The annual of magazines and press articles" of "Press annual" were incorporated since 1945. The main criteria of publications sorting was the persistent value principle, accordingly inferior, small size publications might not be in the card file. Publications of periodical press of Lithuania were incorporated to the card file till 1996 year (inclusive). Thus You can find publications of Lithuanian periodical press of the period 1945-1996.

The content of interwar periodical press (1918-1940) is revealed just episodically. Only few of that time magazines ("Židinys", "Naujoji Romuva") are presented properly. There are very few publications of press of that time.

The content of Lithuanian books were systematically revealed since 1964 year. This particularly extended the space of information, because the information about locations from articles collection, proceeded editions, works of science and monographs were added.

Absolutely new array of information emerged since 1990 year, when the press of Lithuanian emigration became open to us. Since then more than 50 000 records from magazines of emigration, articles collections, monographs, some magazines (for example "Aidai" (1944-1991), "Metmenys") were incorporated to the card file of locations and content was fully revealed. An information from monthly bibliographic index "Lituanika", compiled by Lituanica Department was moved to the card file of location (till 1996 inclusive). There were articles of periodical press of emigration, also publications about Lithuania from press of foreign countries.

An information in the index card is presented in alphabetical order. Inside of the chapter (committed to one of locations) the information is arranged by the name of topics (for example self-government, education, health service etc.) If there is very little information about small town collected, it might be not disjoint. Publications were assembled in alphabetical order according to authors and titles. The information about big towns (Vilnius, Kaunas, etc.) was assembled in more detail (for example graveyard of Vilnius, churches of Vilnius, streets of Vilnius and etc.).

More than 381 000 cards are stored in the card file. Since 1997 the information about locations was stored in Bibliographic database of the articles from Lithuanian periodicals and in local Litinfo and Lituanica databases.

All this information can be found in the card file of Lituanica Department, where the whole information is stored also in alphabetical order.