Card catalogue of images

The information about books, received until 1998 year is presented in the image catalogue. It is the first result of the card catalogue retro-conversion project, implemented by the National library of Lithuania. In 1999 the optical image identification programs were received, and the process of cards identification was started. After changing visual information into text signs the search of bibliographical records according to documents authors / headlines and UDC index will become easier. The ultimate purpose of retro-conversion project is to create the computer catalogue, that will present the whole collection of library.

Sponsors of the project : Lithuanian Government and the Open Society Institute (Budapest).


Graphic images of alphabetical cards catalogue are presented in the image catalogue. The cards in this catalogue are given in alphabetical order according to names of authors (or titles if author is not mentioned). To make the search easier, the uplifted divider of card was made, that shows the first syllable, word or phrase of the card. Cards of one group are also presented in alphabetical order, however the beginning of the text does not have to match with the name of the divider. This can be defined in a scheme:

Verslininkas (businessman) It is the name of the divider. After it will be cards, that begins with:

  1. Verslininkas (Businessman)
  2. Verslininkystė ir mokesčiai (Business and taxes)
  3. Verslo ekonomika (Business economics)
  4. Verslovas, Kostas. Daina gyvenimui (Verslovas, Kostas. The song for life)
  5. Versmė (The Fount) …

Veterinarija (veterinary) - the name of the next divider.


  • Books in Lithuanian language – 184.000 cards.
  • Books in Russian language – 1.689.200 cards.
  • Books in other foreign languages – 896.500 cards.
  • Records and sheet music - 260.000 cards.
  • National bibliography publications - 17.975 pg.
  • Card file of places - 381.000 cards.
  • Card file of persons - 450.000 cards