Search in the card image catalogue

  • Select the catalogue, where You would like to find a document and activate its name. Then the view with four windows will be opened. You can adjust the size of the window for Your convenience.
  • If You know the first letter of either the author's name or title (if there is no author), press the suitable button in the top of the window. The alphabetical list of dividers ex starting with selected letter will be opened immediately in the left window.
  • Choose the divider, behind which the card of the book that You need should be placed alphabetically. Activate that divider. In the middle window the name of the chosen divider and the numbers of cards that are placed behind it will be once again displayed. The gap in the card's numbering means that the record of „missing“ cards is already in NLL LIBIS catalogue. If You remember that cards behind the divider are placed in the alphabetical order, finding of the desirable card is easy. Looking at Lithuanian catalogue next to the card's number You can see the author's surname and title of the document. It is the information of automatically identified text (the result of OCR program). The identified text quality is not equal. Hand-written cards are often misidentified (You see the undecipherable text). However, often well-identified text will help You to find the desirable book. Now all automatically identified information is checked and mistakes are being corrected. So day after day You may find over and over new data in the image catalogue.
  • Activate the number of chosen card and in the right window read the first line of outspread view. That is not the right book? If You think that the book, that You were searching is before the opened one in alphabetical order, then activate the lower card's number in the middle window, if it is after opened, then activate the bigger card's number.
  • You can choose another divider or letter without closing the windows or going back. If You want to change the language in the catalogue, please press the button "Back".