National bibliography card file of index of publications

The search is similar to the search for publications of National bibliography.

If you want to find a proper page, you have to open the index of the chosen publication.

You may choose "Pratarmė" (preface) chapter, where the principles of index creation and used arbitrary signs and symbols are presented (1957-1904: T - "Lietuviški tekstai"("Texts in Lithuanian Language"), P - "Prūsų kalbos ir raštijos paminklai" (" Monuments of Prussian language and Writings"), R - "Rankraščiai" metraščiuose ("Manuscripts" in Annuals): K - Knygų metraštis (Books Annual), S - žurnalų ir straipsnių metraštis (the Annual of magazines and articles), L - lituanikos metraštis (the annual of Lituanica), R - recenzijų metraštis (reviews annual), G - gaidų metraštis (sheet music annual), V - vaizduojamojo meno spaudinių metraštis (the annual of imitative arts printings)) etc.

For example, you want to find records in which Aleksa Vytautas was mentioned, in 1976 year publications:

  • in the "National bibliography publications" catalogue's title window activate the"1976-th."
  • in the chapter window activate the "Surname index".
  • in the page window activate the page number, in which could be the needed surname. If in the outspread page number You don’t see the needed surname, actvate again the next page, until You find that surname.
  • near the surname, will be the number and arbitrary symbols, in this case - Aleksa Vytautas K 1815.
  • the button "Back" opens the "National bibliography publications" catalogue.
  • in the title window choose "1976", "Books" chapter and page number, in which could be the needed record. If You still don't find, activate the next and etc.
  • according to an example the needed record is on the 07 Nr. (No.) 14 psl. (pg.)