Card file of persons

The information about famous people of Lithuania - scientists, writers, artists, the main personalities of politic, church and culture and etc is stored in this card file. You can also find the information about famous people from other countries, about their contribution to development of Lithuanian science, society, church and etc.

The basis of the information array - analytical description from Lithuanian periodical press and books, published in Lithuania. The card file was started in 1956, but analytical descriptions from "Annual of articles from magazines and papers" were incorporated since 1947, and since 1951 - from " Soviet Lituanica annual ". Thus Lithuanian periodical press publications from 1947-1996 are reflected in this card file.

The revelation of books content, published in Lithuania, extended the possibilities of information search, because there were analytical descriptions from collections of articles, almanacs, anthologies, science works, serial publications and even from monographs.

The content of periodical press of interwar period (1918-1940) is revealed just episodically. Only few of that time magazines, such like "Kultūra", "Naujoji Romuva", "Židinys" and etc, are presented.

Since 1990 the card file was complemented with analytical descriptions from Lithuanian emigration magazines, article collections, monographs, some content of magazines ("Aidai", 1944-1991, "Metmenys") was fully revealed. The information from bibliographical index "Bibliographical News. Lituanica" was placed there too. There were the articles from emigration periodical press, and publications about Lithuania from foreign press.

The information in card file is presented in alphabetical order of persons. The information is arranged in such a sequence: works or creations, articles about that person, iconographical material and works of art designated specially for that person. Apart from the main chapters of information layout, the information inside each card of the person is laid down according to the nature of work of that person.

There are more than 385 000 cards in the card file. Since 1997 the information about famous people was stored in Bibliographic electronic database of the articles from Lithuanian periodicals and in local databases.